Executives Tours

When you come over to Israel for business, you may have very limited time to take a break and do some traveling.
Come and visit those amazing places you have heard about all your life.
Take a look at the various day tours, tailored especially for high end travelers with only a short time for sightseeing.

A Holy City and a Capital

A Cradle of History and Heritage

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Dead Sea & Masada
Nature, History and Fun

A unique experience of Nature, History and Fun!

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Nazareth & Sea of Galilee
Follow Jesus from Nazareth to the Sea of Galilee, where he crystalized his mission

A Christian oriented tour of Galilee

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Sea of Galilee & Golan Heights
Nature and History in Israel's North

Mountains and Vallies, Forests and Water Sources, Borders, Battles and People.

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Along the Mediterranean Coastline
Romans, Crusaders, Mamluks and Ottomans alongside the Coastline

Romans in Caesarea, a view over the Bay of Haifa, Crusaders and Muslims in Akko (Acre)

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Tel Aviv and Jaffa
Side by side in 100 years old Tel Aviv and 4,000 years old Jaffa

Side by side in Modern Tel Aviv and Old Jaffa

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