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Ika (Itzhak) Schweitzer
A Professional Guide and Educator
My name is Ika (Itzhak) Schweitzer. I was born in 1951 in Tel-Aviv, where I grew up and have been living all my life. In 1969, after graduating high school, I enlisted into the IDF, where I served in the Paratroopers Brigade, made Officers' School, and ended my service term as a Captain. After army service and the obvious "after service tour abroad" (U.S., cross country, 9 months) I studied and graduated (B.A) in Political Science and General History at Tel-Aviv University.
Executives Tours
When you come over to Israel for business, you may have very limited time to take a break and do some traveling. Take a look at the various day tours, tailored especially for high end travelers with only a short time for sightseeing.
Private Tours
History, Heritage and Modern life in Israel
When you make a private tour to Israel and you have only a few days for travelling, you need a well tailored itinerary, one that will give you the most fulfilling "Israel Experience", in such a limited time.
Explore Israel in 4 to 10 Touring Days
Find your preferable tour to explore Israel
Find your preferable tour to explore Israel
Cruise Excursions
Private Day Tours from your Cruise ship
Make the best out of your short visit to Israel on a Cruise, from Haifa or Ashdod