9 Days Tour of Israel

Enrich your Israel's Experience by drivig across the Negev Desert

Day 1 – Jaffa and Tel Aviv
Day 2 – Northward by the Coastline
Day 3 – Upper Galilee
Day 4 – The Golan Heights 
Day 5 – Along the Jordan River to the Dead Sea
Day 6 – Ein Gedi Oasis and Masada  
Day 7 – Crossing Negev desert
Day 8 – Jerusalem, holy city for 3 religions
Day 9 – Old and new in Jerusalem


Day 1 – Jaffa and Tel Aviv

  • Drive shortly to Jaffa and stroll through the alleys of the old city, the galleries and the old port 
  • Back to Tel Aviv – Rothschild avenue where Tel Aviv started and its "White City architecture" – the pedestrian moll of Nachalat Benyamin where craftsmen present their works – the famous Carmel market – back to your hotel in Tel Aviv 


Day 2 – Northward by the Coastline

  • Check out from Tel Aviv and drive to Caesarea – visit the impressive ruins of one of the largest Roman ports in the ancient world
  • Drive to Haifa, up Mount Carmel to the panoramic lookout over Haifa and its bay, Galilee and the magnificent Baha'i gardens
  • Drive to Acre (Akko) and walk through the streets and alleys of the Crusaders world (underground) and the Ottomans (Turks) and Muslim old town (up ground)
  • Drive westward across Galilee to Tiberias.
  • Overnight in a Tiberias hotel.  


Day 3 – Upper Galilee

  • Drive to Tzfat (Safed) and walk through the alleys of  the Jewish "Shtetl" and the "kabala" hometown
  • Drive northward to Misgav-am, a Kibbutz by the border with Lebanon overlooking to the "Hezbollah land" 
  • Stop at Manara Cliffs viewpoint over Hula valley – a cable car ride to the valley (optional)
  • Drive to Tel Dan – walk through the nature reserve and the ancient remains of the important biblical town called Dan (Laish)
  • Drive back to Tiberias for overnight 


Day  4 – The Golan Heights

  • Drive  northward through Hula valley to Banias – an easy hike through the nature reserve with one of Israel's main sources of water and the impressive ruins of Caesarea Phillipos
  • Drive up to Golan Heights under the slopes of Mount Hermon
  • Drive shortly to Mount  Bental (a non active volcano) lookout over"the Valley of Tears" and Syria
  • Drive to Katzrin and visit the famous Golan winery (optional)
  • Drive to Kibbutz Kfar-Haruv, overnight in the luxurious wooden country lodges by the Peace Vista, one of the most breathtaking viewpoints in Israel (if not available we stay another night in Tiberias)


Day 5 – Along the Jordan River to the Dead Sea

  • Drive down the slopes of the Golan Heights on a winding breathtaking road to "The 3 countries' (Israel, Syria and Jordan) meeting point" and then further down to the Jordan Valley
  • Drive southward by the Jordan River's bank (the border with Jordan) to Beth She'an
  • Visit the impressive ruins of  the land of Israel's eastern gate
  • Continue driving through Jordan valley, bypassing Jericho towards the Dead-sea
  • By the lake, visit Kumran, where the Dead sea Scrolls were found
  • Drive further down south to Kibbutz Ein Gedi's guesthouse located in an amazing desert environment and landscape


Day 6 – Ein Gedi Oasis and Masada  

  • A short hike through the famous Ein-Gedi oasis, dipping in the waterfalls pools, hopefully meet some protected wildlife  
  • Drive shortly to Masada – mount up with a cable car to the top and  visit the famous cliff\fortress
  • Enjoy the rest of the afternoon at the Ein Gedi's hot springs for the famous Dead Sea experience (mud, float)  
  • Overnight at the Ein Gedi guesthouse (dinner included)  


Day 7 – Crossing Negev desert

  • Drive southward to Hatzeva to visit an ancient station of theCaravans Route
  • Turn westward and drive up to Akrabim cross for an amazing lookout over Arava valley and Negev
  • Continue westward to cross the "Large Crater (Makhtesh Gadol)"
  • Drive up to the top of Mount Avnon for a breathtaking lookout over the crater
  • Continue to Kibbutz Sedeh Boker to visit the old and simple hut that was the residence (now a small museum) of israel's first prime minister, "the founder of the state", David Ben Gurion
  • Start our journey back from the desert by driving northward to Beit Guvrin (time permitting) to visit the impressive caverns
  • Drive to Jerusalem for overnight


Day 8 – Jerusalem, holy city for 3 religions

  • Start with Mount Scopus' lookout over the Judean desert
  • Continue to Mount of Olives for a panoramic viewpoint over  Jerusalem
  • Drive down to Gethsemane and Judgment valley
  • A short visit to the City of David, "where it all begun…" 
  • Walk into the Old City through Jaffa gate to the Christian Quarter
  • Visit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher
  • Continue to the Jewish Quarter and then, through  the marketplace (Shook), to the Wailing (Western) Wall
  • Back to the hotel


Day 9 – Old and new in Jerusalem

  • Start at Yad-Vashem, the Holocaust Museum
  • Visit the Museum of Israel, especially the Shrine of the Book (all about the Dead Sea scrolls) and "the Second Temple period's"miniature model of Jerusalem
  • Drive shortly to Ein Kerem, Israel's version of  "Toscana" – a picturesque landscape and possible birthplace of John The Baptist