Mediterranean Coastline

A Day Along the Mediterranean Coastline

Drive to our first stop – Caesarea, the remains of the amazing harbor and city, built by King Herod "the Great" from scratch, to become one of the largest ports in the ancient world.

We walk by the seaside through the monumental structures which represent the ancient Roman culture and way of life for about 700 years – the Theater, Hippodrome, Amphitheater, a public Bathhouse and the Port.

On the way out we pay a short visit to the famous and picturesque Aqueduct that led water to the big city called Caesarea Maritime (by the sea).      

We drive northward to Haifa and climb up to a breathtaking panoramic viewpoint on Mount Carmel's top, looking over to Haifa's Bay and Port, the magnificent Baha'i Gardens and the western coastline of Galilee, all the way to the border with Lebanon.

We leave Haifa and continue driving northward to Akko (Acre), an Israeli-Arabic city. We park our car and walk through the underground Crusader's town, exploring the amazing newly discovered mysterious tunnels, the alleys of the above ground Muslim town, the marketplace, the old walls and the old port.



Drive further north from Akko to Rosh Hanikra, the northern tip of Israel by the border with Lebanon. We explore the natural marine caverns shaped by the powerful waters of the Mediterranean Sea over millions of years.

Apollonia – an impressively located Crusader fortress, 20 minutes drive north from Tel Aviv

Zichron Yaakov, half way between Haifa and Tel Aviv, the first Jewish colony after almost 2,000 years of exile. We stroll along the reconstructed Founders Avenue with old and new houses as well as modern shops and restaurants. We can visit the famous Carmel Winery, established by Baron Rothschild back in 1890 and the old synagogue from that time. Another attraction here may be the small museum at the Aaronson's house, who led NILI, a tiny Jewish clandestine underground organization, collaborating with British intelligence against the Ottomans, during WW1.

Atlit Detention Camp – a British camp where "illegal" immigrants, who managed to survive the horrors of the Holocaust, seeking a refuge place in the forthcoming old and new Homeland, were imprisoned and many of them even shipped back to Europe.