Bob and Ken Levy

Bob and Ken Levy

Shalom Ika, 

We wanted to thank you so very much for giving us an unforgettable tour of Israel:
First of all, the planned itinerary that you made for us was outstanding. It showed us how much knowledge you have about your country. Starting our seven day excursion in Jerusalem and ending in Tel Aviv gave us a timeline of the history of Israel that was easy to understand. Your ability to alter the schedule if we were tired and needed a break was also very courteous and appreciated.

Just the fact that you were prompt and ready to go when the time to meet was set made a positive impression on us. 

You made every attraction/sight come to life with your insightful stories and for recognizing when it was time to move on. It was also especially nice of you to always find a shady spot for us to stand while the stories were being told. Even though both of us are Jewish, we enjoyed the extra touring of the non-Jewish sights like Copernaum and the Garden of Gethsemane in order to get a better feel for the religious capital of the world. 

Even though our native language is English, you made us feel comfortable listening and learning basic Hebrew words like Todah, Ken and Lo. Your ability to translate Hebrew to English made us feel even more comfortable in a foreign country. 

Finally, we also have to mention the wonderful restaurants that you took us to. From the Caravan Inn in Abu Ghosh to the Auberge Shulamit in Rosh Pinna, we certainly had an exquisite sampling of the finest food in Israel. The VIP treatment that we received from all the people that we came in contact with proved to us that we were with the best tour guide and others knew it as well.

Our only regret is that we did not have more time to continue this extraordinary "Israel Experience" However, when we return, we will definitely ask for you to be our tour guide. 

Thanks Again Ika for everything,
Bob and Ken Levy