Father Shawn

On the flight back the entire group was expressing their appreciation

Shalom Ika

I must begin by saying once again how very grateful I am to you for the wonderful tour you gave us. I really am so totally speechless over the experience I have had over these past nine days. The connections to the bible, history and the present society were so well drawn by you. On the flight back the entire group was expressing their appreciation for what you gave to us. Other than the obvious intellectual expertise I must say that what really captivated me was your unconditional love for Israel. Your passion made each detail come alive. Again, many, many thanks. 

I am very interested in doing some further reading. You suggested Mark Twain's Innocence Abroad, The Bible Unearthed by archaeologists, Finklestein and Silverman, and a book by Adam Zartal which you were going to get the title for us. I'd appreciate knowing that. 

You also mentioned you would suggest some current book(s) on Zionism and some current histories which you were going to ask some colleagues whose first language was English. 

I was quite serious about the walking tour along the Jesus trail and other places. I have some very definite ideas about this. You mentioned that you might be interested in being a guide on such a pilgrimmage. What would be the best time of year for such an experience? 

My one regret is that we didn't have some more free time to sit and discuss some of the issues we broached in the last day or two of the pilgrimage. That'll have to wait til we meet again!!! 

If you ever have questions about our Catholic rituals or Catholic traditions I would be happy to answer them as best I can. 

Again, many, many thanks for an extraordinary introduction to Israel. I know I will be back again to explore more deeply and that certainty comes from the wonderful introduction you gave us. 

May God Bless you abundantly! 

Father Shawn