Jean Burnstine

Thank You

Dear Dafna,
I want to thank you for putting together a wonderful trip for us, and for coming to our rescue and making adjustments to the itinerary when we experienced our travel delay. We really liked how every day had a theme and how the trip was designed to start from long, long ago in history and work up to the present. Israel is an extremely interesting country and certainly has its complexities! Ika was a fantastic guide and taught us so much. We took many hundreds of pictures and are having fun sorting through them and putting them into sequence. All of us will have wonderful memories forever. 

You and Fay-Ann make a great team. I will keep you in mind when talking to others who may be interested in visiting Israel and keep your contact information in my travel file. We appreciated your checking in with us regularly. Ika made the trip exciting and adventurous - as you know, he added a few things to our days when he sensed we are the kind of family that wants to see it all. We managed to pack in a lot each day which was valuable. When we returned home, it took a bit of time to get rid of the jet lag and our exhaustion. Good news is that the trip home went perfectly on time and smoothly. All flights left promptly! ....and all of our luggage arrived! 

Have a wonderful, happy 2010. 
Jean Burnstine