John and Sara

A good mix of history, humour and visually stunning views
lit the fuse

Shalom Ika,
Just thought I should send you a short E' Mail to pass on my thanks for your first class tours with us last week. 

We were so pleased with our tour of Jerusalem that there was no doubt getting more of your time was 'a must' and the tour of Masada was the high point of our international travels. 

Your grasp of the subject is excellent and you gave us just what we wanted. Myself and Sara both learnt a great deal from your talks and it filled in so many gaps in our knowledge. You have 'lit the fuse' as we say here and we are already reading more about the history of the region. 

We have both travelled very widely and been to a number of historical sites. Your days with us however are the best yet - a good mix of history, humour and visually stunning views. 

We very much enjoyed ourselves Ika and thank you again for a splendid time. I will pass on your details to any that plan to visit the area and when we return, I will contact you in advance. So much to see - so little time!

Take care, and Sara says if you come to the UK she will be very happy to expose you to some British mud!! (You won't like it!!!!)

If you are in the UK, please give me a call - i'll buy you a drink.