Paul Sobotka

Paul and the boys

theres a picture i was just too slow to get that would have been priceless. 

you were walking 10 paces in front of me in the quarter, Nathan at your side. both with hands deeply shoved in pockets, and identical cadence, body posture, hip and shoulder motion with each step. before i could stop laughing to grab my phone to record it, a corner was turned. 

for Asher the visit seems to have deeply impacted him, and he has repeatedly shared that he felt at home in Israel, and a stranger in this land. He wanted to wear his Yarmulke less as a religious signature and more as a "i belong" statement. You have initiated their historical Jewish training in a way that connected with a religious identity- we are delighted, and can only aspire to continue to the standard you have set. 

you have made a profound wonderful impression on the boys, and we lack for relatives- so consider yourself adopted. should you have reason to visit the middle of the states- we shall always have a place for you in our home. 

….. it is logical to pursue the lowest tolerable sodium exposure. ill be speaking multiple times on this topic in Tel Aviv next week. 

that being said, life should be longer, not just feel longer- dont be miserable. 

health, happiness and success to you