Russ & Judy Carson

you get lots of the credit for our enthusiasm!

Ika—We’ve now been back in New York for a little over a week and are only now beginning to get adjusted to the time change and to catch up on all the things we should be doing.  First on the list is to thank you for the wonderful job you did of guiding us through your fascinating country.  If there is any part of Israel that we should have seen and didn’t, we would be very surprised.  You are a wonderful guide and you did a perfect job of getting us to the right places and giving us the information we needed to understand their significance.  Four thousand years of history is a lot to absorb in twelve days, but we did our best to keep up with you.  You did a great job of pacing us so that we didn’t get too tired or lose interest.  You have a vast knowledge of the history of your country and you have a great way of presenting it to make it fun and interesting.  The two of us agreed this was one of the best and most interesting trips we have taken; you get lots of the credit for our enthusiasm!  Both of us would be happy to serve as a reference for you with other groups if that would be helpful.


All best wishes and we hope to see you if your travels bring you to New York.


Russ and Judy